Yes, at the suggestion of upcoming guests flying in we have just added several of the bulkier items that are needed so guests don’t have to carry a lot of stuff on the plane. We now have:

  • Two folding strollers;
  • Two folding Pack N Plays;
  • Two infant/small child booster seats with food trays;
  • Two booster seats (with seat belts) for toddlers;
  • Three door gates (to be used at the top and bottom of the stairs and the front or back door, as needed.)

Please do let us know before your stay if there are additional items you would like to have at the cabin for your little ones. Please wash (disinfect all parts) and store the items before you leave.
Update June 4, 2015: we installed brackets for the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs (living room) and on the upstairs back deck. Gates could also be used in any doorway. Probably you understand how to use these better than I do, but they are a bit tricky. Essentially, do this: (1) make sure the lock mechanism is in the “unlock” (up) position, and slide the gate open to the size of the opening. (2) Place it into the brackets (or the doorway) so that it fits, but not too snug (we’ll tighten in the next step.) If you are placing at the top of the stairs, note that we cut a grove/bracket into the wood at the sides, so first line up the top brackets, slide the gate down, then press it forward towards the stairs into the groove. (3) Tighten and lock the gate by pulling the lock lever down into the hole and lock it in place. At this point it would be very difficult for a baby or toddler (or your smart puppy) to open the gate. It is also so tight that it cannot be accidentally knocked over. (The draw back is you have to remove it if you want to use the stairs yourself.) Of course, test the fit when you are done and use common sense; we’re not there so we don’t know if the gate has been damaged in any way that makes it unfit, so it’s on you to check it.

Please DO:

  • report any problems with any of the baby gear so we can make sure it stays in good repair
  • Clean everything when done with it
  • Put it away in the closet in the handicap accessible master bedroom
  • Report to us if you broke something so we know to replace it BEFORE the next guest with babies arrive (it may not be noticed for some time, so please, do report)