The meeting room is downstairs: it about 28 feet by 19 feet. It holds up to 30 people in folding chairs with the tables. If you are planning to have a workshop involving people coming in for the day you must provide that information PRIOR to booking. We provide padded folding chairs and tables.

Some tables are individual and some are for two people. The room has a sink and storage and good electrical outlets and lights, so you can do any sort of workshop there, from art, to sewing, to computers. It has two queen beds and two queen futons which can be folded up for meetings.

Alternatively the beds can be left up and the tables and chairs set up in the remaining area, which would be sufficient for about 18 people (giving a space of about 20 feet by 19 feet for the group.) Honestly a lot of our groups that meet there also use the living room for meetings as it will seat about 11 on the seating in there and you can bring in chairs and tables for the remainder, or use the living room and den which are adjacent.

Queen’s Room set up for workshop