Shaver Lake, California 93664

Available Dates and Booking Request

Please feel free to ask questions before booking (inquiry.) Rental dates are not held, first person booking obtains those dates. You will be required to accept the contract and pay 25% of the rental upon booking (100% if the rental date is within 60 days.) In Comments/Questions, please provide an approximate breakdown of your group (for example “5 adults aged 20-25, 2 adults aged 50-65, 3 children aged 2-8, two small dogs.”) Also include the purpose of your stay (for example “We are having a family reunion!” or “We are going skiing!”) Dates with slashes (half colored) are check-in and check-out dates (you can book those dates.)


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Natal Granite Retreat -- Shaver Lake, California.
The only vacation rental available in Shaver Lake with handicap access, suitable for large, multi-generation family groups!