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If you book direct, you are automatically entitled to a $1500 accidental damage insurance policy. If you have booked through one of our marketing partners such as AirBNB, Homeaway,, VRBO, TripAdvisor or other partner, we also purchased this for you.

Damage Protection only covers accidental damage. If you commit intentional damage, such as vandalism or theft, it won't be covered and you will be charged through your security deposit for this damage. If the amount exceeds the deposit, we will require you to pay the additional amount. It will also not cover any damage caused by breaking house rules.

We also offer trip insurance; it is priced at 7% of your total trip cost and covers many common reasons for cancellation such as illness, weather, job loss and more. If you cancel your trip closer than 60 before the date of your reservation, there are NO REFUNDS, so please consider the peace of mind you will have if you purchase trip insurance!

Please read: Travel Insurance FAQs and Travel Insurance Overview for more information on travel insurance.