Shaver Lake, California 93664

Handicap Master Bedroom/bath

Lots of space, a lowered California King bed, large closet, full bathroom meeting ADA specifications including a roll-up sink, roll-in shower with grab bars and seat, toilet conversion kit with grab bars.

Hardwood floors and wide doors make this room fairly easy to navigate for a wheelchair bound guest.

  • Approximately 13 x 18 feet.
  • Large roll-in closet. Toddler supplies are in this closet (stair gates, high chairs, etc.) Also blankets, pillows, twin size air beds.
  • ADA compliant bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, roll-in shower with seat and grab bars. The toilet adaptor is in the closet and need to be attached to the toilet seat to provide the appropriate lift and grab bars. The sink has leg room for wheelchair bound guest. The floor is tile and there is sufficient space to turn around.
  • TV is in the cabinet. Plenty of room for clothing storage. A desk with a lamp provide work space. There is plenty of room to put an air bed for additional space for guests in the room. This room has the nicest bathroom in the house.



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Natal Granite Retreat -- Shaver Lake, California.
The only vacation rental available in Shaver Lake with handicap access, suitable for large, multi-generation family groups!

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6 months ago

Natal Granite Retreat

Update: the 2-person Jacuzzi is now installed! Whew, finally done! So many friends have asked about how the custom tiles are designed, made and installed I am including photos of the process here.
Javier Chavez and his two brothers did the hard work of tearing out the kitchenette in the "Granny Quarters" (which is now the "Sierra Sunshine 'Sweet'") and taking out the old bath, installing a new shower, building a partial wall around the new Jacuzzi.
I worked at home to create the tiles for the Jacuzzi surround, walls, and other areas. Here were the steps:
1. Plan, measure and make a template, roll out clay on my rolling table, cut to the templates. The lace I use on the rolling table is for the back of the tile--I need a good texture for the Thinset to adhere the tile.
2. Collect and lay out the leaves that I want to use for imprints, roll these into the clay.
3. Use my tools to make the textures I want in the tiles.
4. Let them dry several days, clean them up, then fire them ("bisque fire") at about 2500 degrees F. This takes a day to fire and a day to cool.
5. Glaze them-paint 3 to 4 layers of glaze on, fire them at about 2100 degrees for 8 hours, let them cool down slowly for a day.
6. Install them! Put Thinset on the back, place them, wait a day for it to set up, put grout between the tiles, clean it all up. Done!
I still have a few more tiles to complete and install, I don't like the steps, they are too high, so I am going to make a new step, I need to install a curtain around the opening for privacy--of course, there is never an end to updates! I'll post more pictures when I get all the final details done. I am very excited about the color palette I finally chose (after testing about 25 glazes!) And it makes that room so sweet!

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