Shaver Lake, California 93664

Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen has lots of space to cook in, and a full size fridge, oven, five burner stove, dishwasher, toaster oven, coffee makers, silverware, cups, glasses, coffee mugs, plates and bowls, pots and pans, spatulas, mixing/serving bowls, rice maker, toaster, crock pot and more!
The dining room seats 12+ and if you have a larger group there are additional tables and chairs that can be added to the dining/kitchen area, as well as room on the deck for meals.

Very comfortable eating for 12 people plus:

  • Dining room and kitchen are approximately 15 feet by 22 feet
  • Highchair/booster seats in the handicap bedroom closet
  • Extra tables and chairs available for large groups
  • BBQ with propane available for your cook-outs
  • Table settings for 30+ people
  • Lovely matching silverware, plates, bowls and cups so you can set a nice table
  • Large and very quiet dishwasher
  • Please wash everything you use in the dishwasher and return it back to where you got it before you leave (no one wants to pull out a dish from the cupboard and find it dirty, so don't be THAT GUY who leaves dirty stuff for another guest!)


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Natal Granite Retreat -- Shaver Lake, California.
The only vacation rental available in Shaver Lake with handicap access, suitable for large, multi-generation family groups!