Shaver Lake, California 93664

Queen's Room

This versatile room can be used for sleeping, hanging out, or having a workshop. It features lots of overhead lights to make it easy to see what you are doing in your workshop, and there are folding tables and chairs suitable for workshops of up to 30 people. There is also a large sink and cupboards for workshops. The room was designed with electrical outlets all along the walls on their own circuits so that you can't easily work without blowing a fuse. We have hosted sewing, computing and other groups here.

It also has a table and chairs for small group dining, space to spread out, a gaming system and TV, Queen futons for sitting or sleeping. Only the two queen beds are made up; sheets for the futon beds are provided.

In case you wondered, the floors are stamped concrete, using leaves from around the area for the motif.

The bathroom is next door, with a toilet and large shower.

Large room can be organized for different needs

  • Large TV
  • Approximately 19 feet by 28 feet
  • $ Queen size beds with room for 4 or 5 inflatable twins
  • Easy to convert to workshop for meetings, sewing groups, art workshop, computer workshop, etc. 30 plus chairs and tables are available for a variety of configurations
  • Many extended families put all the girls in this room and boys in the bunk room for family reunions


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Natal Granite Retreat -- Shaver Lake, California.
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