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Favorite Summer Activities at Shaver Lake

So, what is there to do around Shaver Lake in the summertime? Lots!

1. The lake! The water is cool and clear and so nice for swimming or boating! I love just floating around on a cheap air mat! Or you can rent a kayak, power boat, jet ski, canoe or paddle boat.

2.The PCT! The Pacific Crest Trail/John Muir Trail is so close to Shaver Lake, just a drive up to Lake Thomas Edison and take the water taxi ( to the far end of the lake, then hike up to the trail. Staying in Shaver Lake is a great way to start/end a backpacking trip!

3. A really wonderful backpack trip is over the top of the Sierras from Lake Thomas Edison to Mammoth Lakes on the other side of the Sierras. You will need to get acclimated–consider staying in Shaver Lake for a few days before you go!

4. Don’t want to backpack? There are tons of hikes in the Shaver Lake area. Here is a great hike–take the ferry across Lake Thomas Edison and hike the trail back your parked car! (Of course, you can start the hike at the car and take the ferry back, but remember, the last ferry leaves at 4:45PM and it is a long walk back if you miss it!)

5. Looking for a much shorter, easier hike? Try the Rancheria Falls trail. It is only about 2 miles long and not much up and down hill. It is shady and lovely!

6. Easy hike: more interested in an extremely memorable, easy stroll? Visit the McKinley Grove–it is paved and wheel-chair accessible and winds through the grove of ancient and towering giant sequoia trees, not far from Shaver Lake. (

7. Hike on the trail at the back of our property! There are miles and miles to explore and you don’t have to figure out who is driving–just go! If you have toddlers and want to stroll, take the kids out in the strollers (should find them in the handicap bedroom closet) and walk up and down the various streets in the neighborhood. Tip: bring your cell phone with a GPS map, it can be easy to get lost!

8. Horseback riding! You don’t have to be an experienced rider as the stables have gentle horses. See the lake from horseback–they kids will remember this forever!

9. Yosemite! It is a bit of a drive (59 miles) but well worth seeing if you have never gone before. The drive is spectacular, and the hiking difficult but totally amazing.

10. Shopping: we have several cute gift shops in town, and an art gallery. Support our local economy!

11. Food: we have several pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and food stores in town, you will find them along the main road of the town.

12. Museums: we have one in town, the Central Sierra Museum (3 miles) and two more in the area, the Billy Creek Guard Station Museum (18 miles) by Huntington Lake and Eastern Fresno County Museum in Tollhouse (16 miles).

13. Fishing! There are plenty of places to fish, on the lake or in nearby streams and lakes. For information on fishing regulations make sure to check out the California Department of Fish and Game regulations. You can get permits and fishing bait (as well as tips and tricks for finding the best spots) in our local stores such as the grocery stores. Fishing in the Sierra National Forest is open from the last weekend in April through November 15. For more information about fishing supplies, spots, tours and guides see

14. Some visitors like to pan for gold! There are plenty of instructional videos and supplies you can find by doing an Internet search before your trip if this sounds like a fun activity for your group.

15. Mono Hot Springs is a bit of a drive from the cabin (41 mountain miles) but if you love hot springs, you will enjoy these. There is a resort there where you can get a massage, too.

16. Boating, kayaking, canoeing and other water sports! There are various places to rent boats including:
Edison RentalsFlorence Rentals, Huntington Marina, Rancheria Marina, Shaver Lake Power Center, Shaver Marina, Sierra Marina, Shaver Watersports and Wishon Boat Rentals.


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Natal Granite Retreat -- Shaver Lake, California.
The only vacation rental available in Shaver Lake with handicap access, suitable for large, multi-generation family groups!

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6 months ago

Natal Granite Retreat

Update: the 2-person Jacuzzi is now installed! Whew, finally done! So many friends have asked about how the custom tiles are designed, made and installed I am including photos of the process here.
Javier Chavez and his two brothers did the hard work of tearing out the kitchenette in the "Granny Quarters" (which is now the "Sierra Sunshine 'Sweet'") and taking out the old bath, installing a new shower, building a partial wall around the new Jacuzzi.
I worked at home to create the tiles for the Jacuzzi surround, walls, and other areas. Here were the steps:
1. Plan, measure and make a template, roll out clay on my rolling table, cut to the templates. The lace I use on the rolling table is for the back of the tile--I need a good texture for the Thinset to adhere the tile.
2. Collect and lay out the leaves that I want to use for imprints, roll these into the clay.
3. Use my tools to make the textures I want in the tiles.
4. Let them dry several days, clean them up, then fire them ("bisque fire") at about 2500 degrees F. This takes a day to fire and a day to cool.
5. Glaze them-paint 3 to 4 layers of glaze on, fire them at about 2100 degrees for 8 hours, let them cool down slowly for a day.
6. Install them! Put Thinset on the back, place them, wait a day for it to set up, put grout between the tiles, clean it all up. Done!
I still have a few more tiles to complete and install, I don't like the steps, they are too high, so I am going to make a new step, I need to install a curtain around the opening for privacy--of course, there is never an end to updates! I'll post more pictures when I get all the final details done. I am very excited about the color palette I finally chose (after testing about 25 glazes!) And it makes that room so sweet!

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